Whiskey Weekdays – Meet Green Spot Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey.

Green Spot – Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey – 40% ABV

As part of our Whiskey Weekdays Series we are reviewing some of Ireland’s favourite drops of the old Uisce Beatha. This week we introduce you to the famous ‘Green spot’ Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey.

If you’re unsure by what we mean by a ‘Single Pot Still’ Irish Whiskey, jump on over to our previous Whiskey Weekdays Blog post.

With the story of Green spot Irish Whiskey, we jump back to the late 1800’s and to the folks of Mitchell & Son Merchants. In 1887 these experienced wine merchants decided to capitalise on the popularity of Irish Whiskey and became a whiskey bonder.

Situated in the heart of Dublin, Mitchell & Sons would purchase Single Pot Still Whiskey from their neighbours at Jameson’s Bow Lane Distillery. Taking these barrels on a short journey to the vast underground cellar warehouse under the Victorian Streets of Dublin City, where these barrels would sleep, allowing the magic of the ageing process to take effect.

It is said that the folks at Mitchel and Sons would identify how long each barrel was to age for by marking the barrel with a daub or ‘Spot’ of coloured paint, an iconic name in Irish Whiskey was born.

Green spot is the perfect introduction for anyone stepping to the world of Irish Whiskey, considered one of the best Irish drops among whiskey drinkers, Green spot has had some famous fans down through the years, with infamous Irish Playwright and author Samuel Beckett having cases of Green spot delivered to him in Paris.

We recommend enjoying your Green Spot neat, preferably in the comfortable surroundings of The Skeff’s Whiskey Bar.

On the nose, light but interesting, There’s honey and apples some a touch of sweet barley and sherry.

On the palate, it’s creamy with a lovely vanilla note, that sweet green apple continuing with a typical touch of ‘pot still’ spice, finishing with a little malty sweetness.

Overall, a firm favourite with our team here at The Skeff and a whiskey you won’t be disappointed in.

We look forward to exploring more Irish Whiskey with you over the coming weeks.

Review by John Byrne @craicandculture

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