Whiskey Weekdays – Have you tried Powers John’s Lane?

Powers Johns Lane – Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey – 46% ABV

As part of our Whiskey Weekdays Series we are reviewing some of Ireland’s favourite drops of the old Uisce Beatha. This week we introduce you to one of the best whiskeys to come out of this little island of ours, the amazing Powers John’s Lane Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey.

If you haven’t already, why not check out our introduction to Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey Here.  

Some of the last of John’s Lane traditional style bottle

Powers Whiskey, established in 1791, has been one of the true pillars of Irish Whiskey for many generations, much loved by Irish Whiskey drinkers the world over, it’s famous ‘Gold Label’ has often been described as ‘The Irish Whiskey, for Irish Whiskey Drinkers’, and rightfully so!

But it is the 12-year-old, Single Pot Still, John’s Lane by Powers that we are concentrating on today. Celebrating the original Powers Distillery, where the Quays of the Liffey touched the tenements of Dublin’s Liberties, lies Thomas Street, a bustling industrial artery in the 1800’s and by taking a little stroll down a small cobble street just off Thomas Street leads on to John’s Lane, the original home of Powers Distillery.

With advancing technology and visionary thinking, the folks at Powers John’s Lane Distillery were the true pioneers of Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey and was very much ahead of its time in many aspects, so much so in fact, that the topic deserves a blog post all of its own that we will cover in the near future.  In 1975 Powers, due to several factors within the industry at the time, moved their operation to Middleton in County Cork where it continues to produce some of the finest Irish Whiskey available today.

Powers launched ‘John’s Lane’ in 2011, as a retrospective celebration of that traditional style of Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey and as an acknowledgement of the Powers heritage and the importance of the John’s Lane Distillery within the Irish Whiskey World.

The New John’s Lane Bottle

Aged for 12 years, predominantly in ex-bourbon casks with a little touch of Sherry Cask gaining at the end for good measure, Powers John’s Lane has won international whiskey awards consistently over the years and still to this day is considered a benchmark in the world of Irish Whiskey.

As you pull the golden bronze liquid towards your nose, there’s a distinct ‘Mocha’ feel of chocolate and coffee with a touch of citrus.

The typical spice palate of pot still lightly tingles on the first sip, with vanilla and toffee apples following. At the back of the palate, that dark chocolate comes through again with a little finish of oak.

If you haven’t guessed already, we are huge fans of Powers John’s Lane here at the Skeff, a perfect whiskey to enjoy on a dark dull wintery night or equally as tasty alongside an indulgent dessert after a meal. Simply, just give it a try, you’ll be happy you did!


Written by John Byrne (@craicandculture) – Skeff Marketing Team

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