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Over the next number of weeks, we will be taking a little stroll down memory lane, looking back at some of the years gone by here at the Skeff and checking in with some of the characters that worked with us, discovering where they are now and how their time at the Skeff influenced their Journey onwards in life.

This week we caught up with the legend that is Sarah Lucey.

Instagram @irishsarah

At one point or another, most people working within the hospitality industry have let their mind wander and daydreamed of jetting off to a beautiful tropical destination, working in world class venues while rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous. But what is a day dream for most of us is exactly what Sarah Lucey has done.

Over a decade ago, Sarah made her way to Galway City to join the Skeffington team as Marketing Manager. Jumping into the role she quickly made a name for herself within the industry, but it was within Karma Nightclub she found her true passion for the Nightlife Industry.

Having made her mark as a serious operator in the Nightclub scene of Ireland, Sarah set her sights on scaling the heights of the world Nightclub scene. The Nightclub capital of Europe, Ibiza, was the next quick step on her career ladder before setting course across the Atlantic to the pinnacle of the industry and the world class nightclub venues of Miami.

Now the Director of Talent Management for Groot Hospitality in Miami, Lucey manages the biggest DJs and Celebs in the world during their time in The Magic City.

Instagram @irishsarah

When was the last time you called into the Skeff? November 2012! They have the best cocktails and staff.

What’s your favourite memory of your time at the Skeff? So many good times there. It really felt like home. Galway Races, Christmas Market, the list goes on

What do you love about Galway? It feels like a big town as opposed to a city, Even if it’s lashing rain it feels warm and cosy. I moved there alone knowing noone but never felt alone. It’s just a special place. Magic almost.

What do you dislike about Galway? Nothing (seriously) it’s my favorite city in Ireland (even over my home town Cork)

What advice would you give to 18-year-old you starting out in their career?Cut down on the booze. Cut down on the going out. Put blinkers on (like a horse) and focus on your goal for 12-18 months with ZERO distractions. Always be on time for interviews. Research the hell out of the interviewer: dress smart. Clean nails, phone on Silent. You only have one chance to make a 1st impression And trust me theres 100s of people out there on your tail chasing that job. You are above no one but passion and drive will put you on the fore front

How did your time at the Skeff prepare you for your future roles? Invaluable. John Callanan and then John O’Dwyer were game changers in my career. I was so fortunate to get a job that crossed over into different departments and to realize nightclubs was more for me. I was given a huge amount of freedom for creativity and having a boss especially for my 1st job to have faith on me was so special looking back. Not all bosses and owners are as amazing as John Callanan. He’s a special person with a very special brand.

A special thanks to Sarah for taking to time to chat to us recently. Keep up with Sarah Lucey her amazing career in Miami check out her Instagram @irishsarah

Written by John Byrne – Skeff Marketing Team ( @craicandculture )

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