Party Zone Areas

The Cocktail Bar

Our Live Stage area. Facilitates groups up to 8 people (seated) or 20 people (standing)

The Whiskey Bar

Soak up the atmosphere in our 1852 Whiskey bar .Suitable for groups : 8 -12 (seated) or up to 20 people (standing)

The Long Walk

The ‘Long Walk ‘ consists of party booths and additional space, perfect for gatherings from 30-60 people.

The Restaurant

Larger groups can dine in our restaurant area. Suitable for up to 40 people

The Upper Fireplace

Enjoy views of Eyre Square on our upper level. Suitable for smaller groups of 4-15 (seated) or up to 25 people (standing)


Available to hire for a private group. This is located on our upper level & can host a party of up to 150 people includes your own private bar.