Fashion Yay and Nay: Orlagh Winter’s

There aren’t many occasions that you get to dress up (like really dress up) and show off a little of your personality. Thankfully the Galway Races is one of the events that you can do just that. So here are my fashion tips.
The Do’s Colour is always a winner in style stakes. Wear something that will catch the judges’ eye.
Wear an outfit that you feel 100% comfortable in. You will be wearing it for hours.Footwear is key in completing any look. Ensure that your shoes are clean and comfortable, many beautiful outfits have been ruined by bad footwear choices.
A hat or headpiece is a must in racing circuits and the same rules apply with these. Make sure that your head-wear choice is comfortable.
Colour blocking is huge at the moment, just look at how beautiful Kate Middleton looked in her baby blue outfit choice at Ascot this year.
Be a little different! There is a lot of outfits that look very similar and that makes it harder for you to stand out. A simple dress with a great hat or bag can do just that.

Don’ts Fake tan disasters will ruin any outfit and there is no excuse for it these days. We live in an era that has fantastic formulas to get the best possible tan without the sun damage. Do your tan two days before the event and that allows you plenty of time to correct any mishaps.
Never wear shoes that will have you walking like a baby giraffe. They may work on a “car to bar” night out when you won’t be walking much but they are not a good look for the races. Same applies to walking around barefoot with your shoes in your hands.
Although not necessarily a styling tip, keep alcohol to an acceptable intake. Slurring your words while being interviewed on stage probably won’t put you in a winning enclosure. 

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