History of Skeff Cocktails

The Skeff Cocktail story so far

Creativity is the key to making the perfect cocktail

Creativity is the key to making the perfect cocktail

A Flair for the dramatics

A Flair for the dramatics

On a windswept Saturday night in September 1999 the Skeff Bar & Kitchen made its first tentative steps into the art of mixology by putting out its very first cocktail menus.  Since that time the Skeff’s cocktails have grown in popularity and selection.  We have become the premier cocktail bar in Galway and our menu is famous across Ireland.  As a result we have updated our menu many times and provide special cocktails for every occasion.

We at the Skeff Bar & Kitchen aim to provide a high standard of service using quality products in a comfortable environment.  We strive to ensure that each and every customer has a truly pleasurable experience.

Our cocktail staff are trained in mixology and flair, making your experience both a visual and taste sensation.

We have constantly strived to meet our customers needs and suggestions, as our customers have become more selective so have our recipes.

And so the story continues……

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The Skeff Bar & Kitchen
Eyre Square, Galway.
Ph: + 353 (0) 91 563173, Fax: + 353 (0) 91 561679

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